Quality Basics:

- When we begin servicing your facility, be sure to let us know about any trouble spots you've had in the past. Our Quality Control staff will be sure to pay special attention to these areas. 

- Quality Control staff are onsite at all hours of the day. We understand the importance of having your properties sparkling ready for your staff, clients, and visitors each day.

Feel free to contact us anytime via email. We have personnel standing by to answer your request.

The Omega approach to Quality Control involves a proven system that has been tweaked over the past 20 years. We have been educated in ISO 9000 quality standards and apply these techniques daily. Our Quality Control Program involves 3 products that assure quality standards are met:


There are usually half a dozen checkups on each job. There is very little chance of overlooking an area or a work station or an item. We have checkers working to check the checkers. And this gives you a solid sense of overall cleanliness and efficiency you're going to like working with.


A well-trained and reliable professional janitorial service is extremely important to the overall quality of your facilities. We understand that and provide continuing education for all of our staff, whether they've been with us several years or just several hours. We maintain the most professionally trained cleaning professionals in the industry.

Random Sampling

Because of our experience, we understand the importance of sampling the quality levels in different areas of you facilities. In order to maintain a high level of quality, our Quality Control staff will periodically sample random areas and duties which our staff perform to assure the high quality work you expect.

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